Empowering Projects and Teams through Digitisation with AutoDesk Docs

At Gamuda, we see digitalisation not just as a trend, but as a cornerstone of our strategic blueprint towards modernisation and sustainability. We’ve made substantial investments to digitalise our workflows, creating a unified and efficient system throughout every phase of our projects.

Our key tool in this transformation is Autodesk Construction Cloud Docs (ACC Docs), a cloud-based common data environment (CDE) that transforms our document management and collaboration across our project teams.

Harnessing Digitalisation for More Predictable Projects

The secret to executing large-scale infrastructure projects successfully lies in the harmonious collaboration of various departments and maintaining an up-to-date, unified understanding of the project’s progress.

”ACC Docs makes collaboration effortless, offering a platform where users can annotate directly on 3D building models, bypassing the need for complex server setups, software installations, or permission management. This intuitive approach empowers every team member to take control of their project responsibilities

Cheok Sin Yee
Digital Engineer

Democratizing the Digital Construction Landscape

One of the biggest advantages of ACC Docs is the ability to control access to a single source of truth. In projects that involve hundreds of collaborators such as the Rasau Water Treatment Plant, this platform ensures that information is constantly up-to-date and easily retrievable by all stakeholders.

Along with its ability to streamline document review and approval workflows, it makes managing projects exponentially more efficient.

ACC Docs stands out with its capability to manage access to a centralized data repository. In large-scale collaborative projects such as the Rasau Water Treatment Plant, this platform ensures every stakeholder has access to the most updated, readily retrievable information.

In conjunction with streamlining document review and approval workflows, ACC Docs significantly enhances our project management efficiency.

Empowering People Through Data

The extensive data housed within this unified platform aligns with our broader vision of managing projects through easily accessible, global dashboards. We’ve built a sophisticated data architecture system that distills this immense data volume into actionable insights for project managers and other key stakeholders.

In a nutshell..

As we step further into the digital age, our journey at Gamuda serves as a testament to the transformative power of digital tools like ACC Docs. They have not only revolutionized our approach to collaboration, efficiency, and decision-making but have also reshaped our teams’ dynamics, creating a connected, empowered, and technologically adept workforce.

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