Empowering Tunnel Designers Through Digital Engineering

In the modern construction landscape, blending traditional engineering with digital tools is reshaping project approaches. As a pioneering, tech-forward construction firm, we’re merging innovation with human-centric design. Digital tools have become essential and have transformed our tunnel design process.

The Digital Shift in Tunnel Design

Tunnels, intricate by nature, require precision and foresight. Digital engineering, with its advanced tools, has elevated our design capabilities, ensuring robust, efficient, and sustainable tunnels. It also ensures we comply with regulations and specifications.

Here’s a short description of some of the digital tools we have in our design arsenal:

  • AutoCAD: Quick and precise 2D and 3D models set the foundational blueprint, making the initial design phase seamless. 
  • Revit: Beyond basic design, Revit offers in-depth analysis to truly embrace BIM, ensuring our tunnels are innovative yet practical. 
  • Navisworks: This tool integrates design data for a holistic project view, streamlining collaboration and visualization. 

”These digital tools has helped us with speed of delivery of projects, especially when we needed to be more creative and innovative; for example when we had to design a special sump for a recent tunnel project, collaboration was easy and fast.

Jason Soon Kean Boon
Manager, Mechanical and Engineering

The Power of Autodesk Construction Cloud

A game-changer in our toolkit, Autodesk Construction Cloud has democratized design collaboration. Teams across the globe can now effortlessly share access to model files. What’s more, tasks that once required immense computing power, like making intricate changes to models, have been simplified. This global accessibility and ease of use have accelerated project timelines and fostered a truly collaborative design environment.

”ACC is a better and user-friendly platform as it is designed to streamline multiple aspects of project management i.e., documents, forms, planning, BIM, etc. all in one go. We are also working to digitalise forms using ACC for future projects.Mohandass A/L ThanmourManager, Mechanical and Engineering

Integrating digital engineering into our foundational ethos has catalyzed a transformative shift in our approach. As we continue to push the boundaries in the construction industry, we’re excited about the horizons that digital tools are opening up for us.

Contributors: Jason Soon Kean Boon, Mohandass A/L Thanmour

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