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Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM)

Our award-winning Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machines were developed in-house by our local, innovative talent pool of engineers here at Gamuda. We make better and safer tunnels through our application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Control Algorithms. We constantly improve the inner-workings of our innovation through our dedicated Tunnel Team.

The project won the Technical Product/Innovation of the Year Award 2019.

Building Information Modelling Augmented Reality (BIMAR)

Developed in-house, our BIMAR generates 3D walkthroughs that allow real-time detection of clashes and errors onsite, thus minimising rework costs and enhancing collaboration. BIMAR is used throughout our various construction sites with the help of big data.

BIMAR has won the Augmented & Virtual Reality in Engineering Category, Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards (MTEA) 2020.

Robot Assisted Cutter Change Apparatus (ROBACCA)

Our ROBACCA is a human assistive and autonomous robotic tool that reduces humans’ exposure to dirty and dangerous tunnelling environments. It represents the first step towards fully automated maintenance of TBMs. ROBACCA is currently in the final prototyping phase and will move into beta testing soon.

Drone-Assisted Surveys

We take to the skies and thoughtfully developed a drone surveying system on all our site that cuts the arduous man-hours and compiling the data for everyone to access faster – this makes everyone’s job easier and increases efficiency overall.

This technology was recognised by numerous international awards including Special Achievement in GIS ESRI Awards 2019​.