About Us

GET supports talent, technology, and innovation.

About Gamuda

Gamuda Berhad is a publicly listed engineering, property and infrastructure company based in Malaysia. It is one of the largest Malaysian infrastructure companies, with a proven track record of delivering innovative breakthrough solutions worldwide.

GET: Who We Are

  • Pivotal Enabler and Resource: At GET, we stand as a digital enabler and resource for all Gamudians, providing the support needed to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

  • Support for Project Teams: We are committed to supporting our project teams, offering the necessary tools and guidance to help them meet their specific requirements and achieve their digital transformation goals.

  • Cultivating Data Hero Teams: Our aim is to create data heroes within Gamuda, empowering our people with the skills and knowledge to effectively leverage data, driving innovation and excellence across our operations.

GET's Mission

Enhance Technology and Talent: Strengthen our digital engineering capabilities and expand our talent pool to build a robust technology landscape that fosters innovation and growth.

Drive Process Optimization: Continuously innovate and streamline internal processes to unlock new digital growth opportunities and operational efficiencies.

Cultivate Innovation Culture: Empower and nurture innovation leaders who inspire creativity, continuous improvement, and a culture of innovation within their teams.

Fuel Idea Pipeline: Maintain a steady influx of innovative talent and disruptive ideas to position our company at the forefront of industry evolution and technological breakthroughs.

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