Our Communities

GET supports a culture of innovation.

TechTalks by GET

Techtalks, our flagship initiative at GET, convenes industry experts from around the world and Gamuda’s own specialists to delve into the latest tech breakthroughs. It’s a dynamic forum for sharing insights and discussing the innovations that influence us all.

GET Masterclass

The GET Masterclass is a monthly initiative designed to foster a culture of innovation and knowledge sharing among Gamudians. In this program, we invite our colleagues who are at the forefront of innovative technology and projects to share their insights and experiences. The GET Masterclass is open to all Gamudians, stay updated with the schedule and details of the latest Masterclass on our events page.

Gamuda Innovation Hub (GAIN)

The Gamuda Innovation Hub serves as the central hub for innovation within Gamuda. It is a shared and dedicated space that encourages the development of innovative solutions throughout the organization. Through GAIN, we also foster a culture of innovation by providing various training programs, workshops, certification assistance, and seminars. These initiatives are designed to equip our personnel with the essential knowledge and skills in technology and innovation.

Data Hero Programme (DHP)

The Data Hero Program (DHP) is a road-to-certification program that empowers ordinary Gamudians to obtain their Google Cloud Digital Leader certificate. It offers participants unique perspective on Innovation in relation to their role within Gamuda. After the obtaining their GCDL, participants are encouraged to join other upskilling programs. DHP is open to all Gamudians and fully sponsored by GET.

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