Welcome to the Gamuda Innovation Hub (GAIN)

Continuity of a Legacy of Innovation 

Since our founding in 1976, innovation has always been in our DNA. Gamuda went from a small player in the industry to one of the biggest engineering and construction company in Malaysia. Supporting innovators throughout the organisation has been key to that success.

A Home for Innovators and Innovation

At the heart of the Innovation Hub is the Innovation Gallery, where visitors can experience innovative construction technology up close. From the advanced ATBM simulator to interactive AR and VR displays showcasing Gamuda’s foray into groundbreaking technologies, this area offers a glimpse into the industry’s future.  

Through the Gamuda Innovation Hub, we’re breaking new ground with a digital and data-driven approach to construction while upskilling talent.

John Lim
Chief Digital Officer, Gamuda Engineering 

The Innovation Hub also houses Gamuda’s skilled teams of software engineers, data analysts, tunnel R&D specialists, Geospatial Information System (GIS) teams and digital engineers. This diverse group of Gamudians collaborate to conceive and deliver trailblazing digital solutions, leveraging their combined knowledge and expertise to introduce pioneering technologies that elevate Gamuda’s operations across its construction and property development portfolios. 

Facilities available at the Innovation Hub include a state-of-the-art meeting room with conference capabilities, 3D printers, outdoor meeting and presentation area, AR/VR headsets, and our Makerspace with tools available for our diverse teams tinker about.

Beyond its modern facilities, the Innovation Hub serves as a breeding ground for new ideas through its ingenious and inclusive programs. The Incubator series, Techtalks, and GET Masterclass provide platforms for Gamudians across all business units to come together, collaborate, and work towards groundbreaking solutions. 

Enhancing Digital Capabilities in Construction and Property

The Innovation Hub serves as a support center for enhancing Gamuda’s digital capabilities across its construction operations. The Hub provides the resources and environment for employees to explore, test, and implement digital tools and processes. Through hands-on engagement in the Hub’s facilities, staff build proficiency with technologies that boost efficiency and connectivity on project sites.  

Not only we build tools that serve our business purpose here in the innovation Hub, we also work with many of our technology partners whether it be Google, Autodesk, or SAP to innovate on top of existing solutions available in the market.

Nur Millatina, Digital Engineer

The Innovation Hub has advanced several pioneering digital solutions that are transformative to Gamuda’s footprint in the industry, including: 

  • Projek Pokok – A software platform enabling Gamuda Land to efficiently track and manage their initiative to plant 1 million trees. 
  • Tunnel Insight – Gamuda’s proprietary web-based system that the Hub has further developed to serve as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing all aspects of tunnel construction projects. 
  • BIMAR – An augmented reality (AR) solution that the Hub has enhanced, allowing digital Building Information Modeling (BIM) designs to be overlaid onto physical construction sites for improved inspection, validation, and clash detection. 
  • BotUnify – An in-house AI-powered chatbot marketplace designed to enhance workflow of all Gamuda’s business units

As Gamuda continues to fundamentally support these innovative efforts, The Innovation Hub will continue its vital role as an incubator, catalyst, and support system for digital innovations that are driving efficiency, sustainability, and technological leadership across Gamuda’s diverse construction and property development endeavors. 

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