BIMAR 2.0: A Practical Future for Augmented Reality in Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Meets Augmented Reality (AR)

BIMAR is Gamuda’s venture into Augmented Reality (AR) aimed at transforming how we approach critical processes of construction, namely planning and clash detection. BIMAR enables users to overlay BIM design models onto corresponding built elements on the construction site for validation or inspection.

Technological Game-Changing Features

Developed within our GET ecosystem, which fosters innovation within Gamuda, BIMAR allows for real-world visualization of 3D designs at the construction site. The robust overlay features offer various styles of overlay, including transparency and the ability to select visible components for different use cases. Comments can also be made within the app itself and it will reflect in real time with other users authorised to view the models.

Another important feature within the app is table mode where we can have an overview of the entire project site projected onto any flat surface (like a table). In this mode users can zoom in specific parts of the model for better understanding of the project.

These features have been implemented after lengthy study of the needs of Gamudians that work on our sites daily.

Through seamless integration with AutoDesk Construction Cloud, site models can be easily downloaded into BIMAR, and the app can be used offline, eliminating any usage barriers when an internet connection is unavailable.

Significant Advantages of BIMAR for Gamuda’s Future of Construction

  • Enhanced inspection of Civil and Structural (C&S) and Architectural (ARC) components.
  • Real-time identification of clashes and discrepancies.
  • Specialized features that facilitate real-time collaboration.
  • Improved inspection efficiency, resulting in reduced man-hours and costs.

Our development and implementation of BIMAR received recognition when it was awarded the winner in the Augmented & Virtual Reality in Engineering Category at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2020 hosted by Singapore Business Review.


Josiah Yang Kai Yi, Law Eng Khoon

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