The Autodesk Construction Champions Award: A Testament to Team Excellence

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction technology, it’s not just the tools and machinery that make a difference; it’s the people behind them. We’re thrilled to announce that our Chief Digital Officer, John Lim, has been honored with the Autodesk Construction Champions Award. This prestigious global accolade recognizes 25 construction thought leaders who are driving innovation and change in the industry.

A Team Win

While the award may bear one name, it’s crucial to understand that this is a collective achievement. John has emphasized that “It’s all our award, I dedicate this to everyone in GET – it is through all our collective effort that this is possible. This is a testament to the incredible team we have built here.”

Collaborating Excellence

Our team’s collaborative spirit is our greatest asset. From engineers to project managers, from coders to craftsmen, everyone has a role in shaping our tech-forward approach. This award is a validation of our collective ingenuity, hard work, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Read more of John Lim’s Autodesk Construction Champions interview here.

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