Envisioning the Future Through Augmented Reality

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Our first practical foray into AR and VR came from our development of the BIMAR app. Building upon that, Gamuda Excellence Transformation have teamed up with Gamuda Land to create an Augmented Reality (AR) app to visualise one of our beautiful townships.

Unveiled at the MBAM OneBuild event, the app stands as a testament to our ability to leverage modern technology to provide a tangible glimpse into the future of urban development.

Our lead developer for the Gamuda Cove AR project, Josiah Yang, showcasing the technology in a recent building and construction expo.

Envisioning the Future through AR

The AR app operates on tablets, presenting a bird’s eye view of the envisioned developments within Gamuda Cove, through 3D architectural models of buildings, landscapes, and infrastructure. Users can explore the planned layout and get a feel of the town’s future ambiance.

AR is a game-changer in our marketing and advertising of our vast pipeline of current and future projects, it helps share the vision of our townships better. We have a lot in store for this technology in the future.

Josiah Yang
Software Engineer, Gamuda Engineering

For this project, we leveraged the practical use of LiDAR sensors on the tablets which provides accuracy and stability to the 3D models which were designed by our architects.

  • Gaze Mode: Point at a specific area to receive information about that particular development, making exploration informative and interactive.
  • Time Adjustment: Easily shift between morning and night to see how the area transforms under different lighting conditions, enhancing the visualization of future plans.
  • Gallery: Access a diverse range of media, including images, videos, and more, to browse and gain a comprehensive understanding of the development once you are browsing a particular area.
  • District Visualization: It categorizes township districts by colours and it illustrates the concept of the particular area of development.

Democratizing Technology for a Shared Benefit

With the help of our in-house software innovators, we focused the development on functional and simple user interface for ease of use. Virtually anybody can pick the app up and start exploring the townships available in way that’s fun and engaging.

Testing and validation are mainly done in our Innovation Hub, which serves as a central point for all our technology and innovation collaboration efforts throughout Gamuda. We hope to further expand this technology and develop more practical use cases to both our property development and engineering projects.

Special thanks: Josiah Yang

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