Gamuda’s Dash IoT Solution Drives Transformative Innovation in Autonomous Tunnel Boring

At Gamuda, we are pioneering the use of cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in tunnel boring operations. When developing the world’s first Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM), we turned to Plotly’s Dash framework to build a powerful real-time monitoring solution.

Our Dash Solution Advantages:

  • Rapidly created interactive apps visualizing A-TBM sensor data
  • Provided drilling insights accessible from anywhere for operators and management
  • Enabled developing custom predictive maintenance algorithms
  • Detected potential issues before costly breakdowns using anomaly detection

“The existing software we bought was expensive and didn’t give us the insight we wanted. The interface was old and clunky…We wanted something we would really love and appreciate internally,” said John Lim Ji Xiong.

Taking an agile “fail-fast” approach allowed us to:

  • Test ideas quickly
  • Deliver impactful solutions cost-effectively using existing Python expertise

“The easiest thing to pick up and learn was Dash,” said John. “It helped us to build things fast and we were able to test ideas ourselves instead of paying a vendor to do it.”

The Impact:

  • Dash IoT applications are a key differentiator integrated into sophisticated monitoring systems
  • Tracking sensors, environmental factors, resource utilization for tunnel projects
  • Prioritizing precision, efficiency and public safety in underground construction

“We are committed to advancing innovation in tunnel boring, and ‘fail fast’ is our mantra. Python and Dash lets us experiment quickly to find solutions that really please people and add value to what Gamuda can offer,” John stated.

Gamuda continues pushing boundaries, leveraging cutting-edge tools like Dash to offer innovative, bespoke digital solutions. We are transforming the future of tunneling through our digital excellence initiatives.

Read the full case study here.

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