Deloitte Highlights Gamuda’s Digital Innovation in 2024 Digital Adoption in Construction Report

In the rapidly evolving construction industry, where digital transformation is becoming a linchpin for growth and efficiency, Gamuda has emerged as a leader. The company’s commitment to integrating new technologies into its operations has been highlighted in a recent report by Deloitte Access Economics on the State of Digital Adoption in the Construction Industry 2024.

This comprehensive report underscores the critical role that technology plays in enhancing project outcomes and boosting financial dividends. It reveals that each additional technology adopted by a company can lead to a significant 1.4 percentage point increase in annual revenue growth.

The audit report also highlights the broader trends and challenges in the construction sector, emphasizing the importance of digital skills, budget allocation for technology, and the strategic adoption of digital tools to overcome operational challenges. Gamuda’s feature in this prestigious report not only highlights its role as a digital pioneer but also sets a benchmark for other companies in the industry.

Download the report here.

Gamuda Excellence Transformation (GET) has been instrumental in steering the company through its digital journey. Under the guidance of John Lim, Gamuda has established an Innovation Hub that spearheads the adoption of transformative technologies across its projects around the region and beyond.

Furthermore, Gamuda’s proactive approach to building a Common Data Environment (CDE) has revolutionized how project information is managed and shared across geographical boundaries, enhancing collaboration and decision-making processes.

As Gamuda continues to push the boundaries of digital innovation, it remains committed to its mission of delivering superior value and efficiency through technology, ensuring sustainability and excellence in all its construction endeavors.

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