Gamuda Embraces Data-Driven Construction with Toric

As a leading construction and engineering company operating across multiple countries, Gamuda recognized the growing need for enterprise-wide data visibility and agile business intelligence capabilities. With concurrent projects ramping up, we required a scalable and cost-effective solution to extract, integrate, and analyze data from disparate sources. This paved the way for our adoption of Toric, a powerful data platform that has transformed our data pipeline architecture.

The Challenges:

  • Data silos across project teams hindered corporate-level reporting and decision-making
  • Rapid deployment of data dashboards was necessary for real-time business insights
  • Outsourcing individual data pipelines was cost-prohibitive as our project portfolio expanded
  • Enabling cross-functional teams to contribute to data analytics without deep technical expertise

An overview of the ‘hourglass’ model.

Toric provided the solution through an “hourglass model” architecture, with Toric as the central data ingestion platform. It integrates data from construction software like Autodesk Construction Cloud, Primavera P6, and SAP. The data is then segregated into project-specific flows and loaded into separate Google BigQuery data warehouses, which are connected to respective Power BI dashboards for visualization.

Key Advantages of Toric:

  • Compartmentalized access controls for each project team
  • Centralized platform for seamless, scalable data integration
  • Low-code/no-code capabilities for democratizing data analytics
  • End-to-end data pipeline from ingestion to reporting

How Toric plugs into our already existing data flow.

Toric has been the missing link for us. It’s helping us make the best use of our data by making it easily accessible, so we can focus on delivering insights and informed decision-making for our projects.

John Lim Ji Xiong, Chief Digital Officer

Through our strategic implementation of Toric, Gamuda has fostered a data-driven culture, enabling teams to leverage real-time analytics for:

  • Smarter construction planning
  • Efficient progress monitoring
  • Optimized resource utilization

As we continue expanding our global footprint, Toric will be instrumental in scaling our data capabilities and driving innovation in the construction industry.

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