Gamuda’s Tech Leaders Brings Home Insights from Google Cloud Next 2024

Google Cloud Next 2024 has once again set the stage for groundbreaking advancements in technology and innovation. This year, Gamuda’s leading tech trio—Han Fai, Kai Wen, and Sachdave—attended the influential global conference, bringing back valuable insights and strategies poised to further revolutionize the construction industry.

Known for its pioneering integration of digital solutions, Gamuda found the conference an ideal platform to explore new best practices in cloud solutions and AI, ensuring its position at the forefront of technological adoption in construction. 

Gamuda’s team at NEXT 2024: Sachdave, Han Fai, and Kai Wen. Team leads for R&D for GET, Senior Engineer for Tunnel Insight, and Lead for Gamuda’s Artificial Intelligence Endeavors. 

Levelling Up Gamuda’s Technical Knowledge and Capabilities

Known for its pioneering efforts in construction, Gamuda’s adoption of digital tools has streamlined operations and solidified a robust platform for effective implementation. Sessions at Google Cloud Next 2024 on managing and automating systems, along with strategic application deployments on Google Cloud, highlighted new best practices that Gamuda can adopt to enhance its processes. 

Han Fai, our senior software developer, found the insights into how other companies develop web apps particularly transformative, with potential applications to enhance Gamuda’s “Tunnel Insight” app by integrating practices that improve infrastructure and user interaction. 

“Looking at all the tech companies adopting AI into their work processes, it’s a matter of time before AI will be adopted into construction companies. It could be used for anything from infra-automation to detecting defects.” 

Yeo Han Fai, Lead Engineer for Tunnel Insight and Software Engineer at Gamuda 

Gamuda, through GET is already home to many digital engineers and software engineers to make sure digital challenges in construction are addressed. At the conference, Han Fai explored tools like Code Assist and Cloud Assist, which simplify coding and system architecture development. These tools align well with Gamuda’s digital strategy, streamlining complex processes and allowing developers to concentrate more on core development tasks. 

Additionally, AI’s role in managing project and document workflows was evident through successful case studies at the event. AI’s capability to swiftly process vast amounts of legal and project documentation can significantly accelerate and enhance the precision of tender processes. 

Enhancing Existing Partnerships With Google

The technological insights from Google Cloud Next 2024 have only further shown that the collaborations between Google and Gamuda are on the right track to realizing a future where AI and cloud technologies are integral to construction. As a leader in integrating these innovations, Gamuda is well-positioned to guide this shift. 

Looking ahead, Gamuda plans to use tools like Gemini Pro with its home-grown Bot Unify across its business to automate and refine document management in the Autodesk Construction Cloud. Such advancements will accelerate projects and ensure greater accuracy in every facet of construction management. 

As Sachdave pointed out, Cloud Assist is a potential game-changer for troubleshooting within cloud environments, a common challenge in large-scale projects. This tool can intelligently sift through system logs to pinpoint issues and recommend solutions directly within the cloud console, significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in system diagnostics. This capability is especially valuable when coordinating with external vendors, ensuring smoother project execution. 

The team, Kai Wen, Hen Fai, and Sachdave all agree that the ability to communicate directly with data through conversational interfaces could transform how project data is accessed and utilized, making information retrieval as simple as posing a question in natural language. 

Gamuda’s Journey in Being a High-Tech Leader in Construction

Envisioning the advanced technologies seen at Google Cloud Next as commonplace in construction, Gamuda prepares to lead the industry’s technological evolution. The conference not only reaffirmed Gamuda’s strategic direction but also equipped the team with the tools necessary for driving a more efficient and technologically advanced future in construction. 

As new technologies become integrated into the company’s workflow and emboldened having attended Google NEXT, Gamuda aims to continue to innovate along global trends, ensuring that its projects keep pace with technology. 

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