AI Month 2023: Artificial Intelligence Literacy for All

Throughout the month of May 2023, GET embarked on a transformative journey with AI Month, a dedicated initiative that brought together Gamudians from various levels and departments. AI Month featured a wide range of events and activities, both online and offline, aimed at exploring the potential of artificial intelligence.

We registered over 600 participants across all events.

The highlights of this month included the GET Masterclass and Techtalks by GET, offering Gamuda staff valuable insights into the world of AI. The overwhelmingly positive feedback received from Gamuda staff reinforces the significance of AI in driving innovation and empowerment within the organization.

Diversified Events to Foster Understanding

The online events, including the quiz and chatboard, played a pivotal role in fostering engagement and interaction among Gamudians, where they could freely share their curiosities and ideas related to AI. To facilitate this exchange, a dedicated website was set up, serving as a platform to gather knowledge and curate the best AI-related content for Gamudians to engage with.

Through these online events, Gamudians had the chance to connect, learn from one another, and collectively dive deeper into the world of AI, unlocking new insights and perspectives.

GET Masterclass: Knowledge Sharing by Gamudians for Gamudians

One standout event was the GET Masterclass conducted by Lee Kai Wen, a software developer from Gamuda’s tunnel R&D team. During the Masterclass, Kai Wen shared invaluable insights on optimizing AI chatbots to suit different purposes and provided techniques for enhancing their functionality. He also showcased the fascinating capabilities of AI in image generation. Furthermore, Lee discussed the future of AI, highlighting emerging technologies and ethical considerations.

The GET Masterclass included a practical workflow demonstration, illustrating the process of transforming ideas into actionable projects and seeking approval.

”Clear and interactive presentation. Loved the idea on an actual workflow demo!GET Masterclass Participant

Techtalks by GET featuring Microsoft

Microsoft’s participation in AI Month 2023 was highlighted during our Techtalks by GET session, where four specialists showcased the latest enterprise-level tools powered by artificial intelligence. During the engaging two-hour session, Gamudians had the opportunity to explore the philosophy and ethics surrounding AI while being introduced to Microsoft’s new software, supercharged with AI capabilities.

”Excellent. Innovation in AI blew my mind!Techtalks by GET Participant

AI Month 2023 was just the beginning of Gamuda’s journey towards AI empowerment. Building on the success of of our first ever AI Month, GET is committed to hosting more AI-related events in the future. These events will continue to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation among Gamudians, ensuring that the organization remains at the forefront of AI advancements.

By expanding their understanding of AI technologies and embracing their potential, Gamuda is poised to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.

Special Thanks
John Lim Xi Jiong, Sophia Ong, Lee Kai Wen, Wai Ehe, Jenny Cheah, Goh Seok Mei, Herdyan Widarmanto, all attendees

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