Singapore’s LTA, BCA, and GET Foster Knowledge Sharing on Digital Construction

Spurring Innovation Through Meaningful Connections

At GET (Gamuda Excellence Transformation), we firmly believe that driving innovation requires a collaborative approach and an open exchange of ideas. In April 2024, we had the opportunity to engage in such a knowledge-sharing initiative with Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

The sessions allowed us to showcase our comprehensive digital delivery capabilities while also learning from the expertise of the LTA and BCA teams. We shared insights into our pioneering solutions, including:

  • Our advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM) expertise, encompassing 3D modeling, 4D construction simulations, and 5D integration with cost management processes.
  • Our Geographic Information System (GIS) prowess, enabling web-based mapping, drone surveys, and spatial data visualization for progress monitoring.
  • Our cutting-edge reality capture technologies, such as terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry, for as-built validation.
  • Our innovative digital forms and workflows for streamlining site operations.

During the sessions, we also presented case studies from our projects like Rasau Water Treatment Plant and the MRT Cross Island Line Contract CR111, demonstrating tangible productivity gains of up to 91% time savings and 30% cost savings through our digital solutions’ implementation.

Spurring Innovation Through Meaningful Connections

Many of our realized digital aspirations and innovations over the years would not be possible without listening to the various stakeholders involved, especially in large infrastructure projects. By fostering open communication channels and incorporating insights from clients, authorities, and end-users, we ensure our digital solutions address real-world challenges and deliver tangible value.

“Moving forward, we aim to extend GIS benefits to our Singapore teams, continually seeking best practices to enhance our collaborative efforts.”

Wan Hamizi Wan Taha
Geospatial Information System (GIS) Manager

Digital Transformation Within Continued Partnerships

As we continue our digital transformation journey, partnerships like these are crucial for collective growth and progress. By fostering open dialogue and sharing best practices, we can collectively elevate the construction industry to new heights of efficiency, sustainability, and excellence.

“At GET, we believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of digital construction,” said Arthur Mun Siew Meng, Manager – Digital Engineering. “Our engagement with the LTA and BCA reinforces our commitment to driving positive change through knowledge sharing and innovative solutions to a future where the industry fully embraces digital transformation, fostering regional cohesion and a collective cultural shift towards digitalisation in the construction workspace.”

This commitment to visibility, certainty and agility at every level ensures improved productivity and maintains the integrity of information for decision-makers, even in billion-dollar projects.”

GET Team: Arthur Mun (Group DE Manager), Chung Joo Ling (BIM Manager), Wan Hamizi (GIS Manager), Kyle Ewe (Digital C&C Lead), Matthew Lew (Digital C&C Sr Engineer)

BCA Singapore Delegation Visits Sydney Metro West Project

On a separate occasion, BCA’s team, led by Adeline Loo, visited the Sydney Metro West – Western Tunneling Package project. It was an insightful day filled with discussions on best practices, innovative technologies, and the future of tunneling and construction. The visitors had a comprehensive tour of the Rosehill Services Facility and the Tunneling and Infrastructure Academy, where they witnessed the latest digital innovations through presentations by the project team.

The visit provided an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, fostering a spirit of cooperation between the two organizations in tunneling and construction

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