Strengthening Global Collaboration with the Autodesk Community

Autodesk, a global leader in software for designers, builders, engineers, manufacturers, 3D artists, and production teams recently organized TechX 2023, an event that brought together Autodesk’s technical team from all over the world to exchange ideas. The event was held in Dallas, Texas.

Chief Digital Officer of Gamuda Berhad, John Lim Ji Xiong was invited to be a part of a panel session alongside Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President of Autodesk about Gamuda’s big embrace of construction technology and collaboration between providers of these technologies.

In the exclusive event attended by senior leadership of AutoDesk and its global development team, Gamuda was the only construction company invited to share our insights on experiences based on our capability and technologically forward projects we have embarked in. This is a recognition of our reputation as the go-to company for cutting-edge solutions and innovative practices. 

Chief Digital Officer, John Lim, shared the stage with Jim Lynch, Senior Vice President of Autodesk.

Empowering Engineering Processes through Technology

At the heart of our discussion was the pivotal role of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) in empowering our engineering processes. As a proud early adopter and strategic user of ACC, we leveraged its suite of design tools, including the Common Data Environment (CDE) and Engineering Document Management Systems (EDMs) to streamline Gamuda’s projects across multiple countries.

This is in addition to our staple use of building information modelling (BIM) software such as AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Plant 3D, and Revit.

Driving Transformation through Collaboration

The session with Jim Lynch was a rare and extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the powerful partnership between Gamuda and Autodesk. Together, we showcased how our commitment to collaboration and how the adoption of Autodesk products has revolutionized our operations.

GET had the privilege of sharing invaluable insights, highlighting how Gamuda have leveraged Autodesk’s advanced solutions to drive unprecedented transformation across Gamuda’s core businesses.

The Gamuda Engineering team with Autodesk representatives.

The Takeaway

Gamuda is committed into becoming the leader in the construction industry beyond our region through our utilization of quality digital tools. A partnership with Autodesk that has been cultivated through practical collaboration and constant improvement fulfills that aim.

We look forward to see how Gamudians can and will build on this and the innovations that will spur from this culture of excellence.

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