Innovating Property Management with Smart CRM Integration

As our development projects expand to new and exciting townships, the challenge of managing a growing number of potential prospects is a crucial factor for us to deliver the best service we can. Gamuda Land needed a solution that could scale with our ambitions, connect us with potential buyers seamlessly, and foster innovation in their approach.

To better approach this, we have implemented the solution in terms of an integrated and bespoke CRM system powered by NexCRM that unifies all customer-related information, from contact details to communication history, in one place.

Why an Integrated CRM approach?

Media: A glimpse into the CRM system that enables us to be more efficient and transparent.
  • Robust Customer Profiles: Our CRM system enables us to create robust customer profiles, contributing to an intriguing reward system such as free vouchers and movie screenings. This ensures that our clients receive personalized service and enjoy a more engaging experience.
  • Integration with Communications Channels: We’ve seamlessly integrated the CRM system with our communications channels, including social media and messaging platforms. This connectivity allows us to stay engaged with clients and prospects effortlessly.
  • Customized Dashboards: Our CRM system offers customized dashboards, providing our team with a clear, easy-to-navigate interface. These dashboards empower them with insights and tools tailored to their specific needs.

A touch of Artificial Intelligence

We have also implemented a layer of artificial intelligence in our CRM system that helps us connect better with potential clients to pre-qualify inquiries and applications. Automation through AI has been implemented with care, ensuring all communications are recorded and all final decisions are made by our team.

  • In peak times when our Customer Relationship Associates (CRAs) are unavailable, our AI system assists in responding to inquiries quickly and is available 24/7 for better accessibility.
  • A faster, more efficient way to connect with clients and prospects greatly increases response time, thus improving the brand’s image overall.

This integrated system is fully deployed in Gamuda’s award-winning developments such as Gamuda Cove, Gamuda Gardens, twentyfive7, Jade Hills, and Bukit Bantayan.

The Artificial Intelligence layer in our CRM system helps a lot with our communication – We’ve managed to increase response volume about 20-25%.

Shareela Ahmed
Manager, Strategic Marketing, Gamuda Land

Special Thanks: Shareela Binti Ahmed (Central Sales and Marketing)
Media: flaticon

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