Designing and Managing Water Infrastructure with Plant 3D

Here in Gamuda, we believe water is an incredibly crucial resource and we recognize that the utmost care and respect must be afforded when we are building water infrastructures. In the construction of the Rasau Water Treatment Plant, one of the most important part of the water infrastructure is the process services.

To put it simply, the process services in a water treatment plant refer to the various steps and techniques used to treat water and make it safe for consumption.  With its valves, tanks and pipes, things can get very complicated. Needless to say, it is important to utilize a sustainable and well-designed technology in our current and future water infrastructure management.

We have found that Autodesk’s AutoCAD Plant 3D does the trick for this complex task and we are one of the first in Malaysia to combine Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Plant 3D.

AutoCAD Plant 3D interface – image: Autodesk blog

In our specific use case, Plant 3D provides several advantages, including:

Automation Advantage: Plant 3D allows the piping isometrics to be automatically created from the model with industry-standard or customized specifications. This feature saves a significant amount of time, ensured more accurate Bills of Materials, and more efficient catalog management.

Ease of Modification: Plant 3D allows us to seamlessly calculate, modify, and reroute piping systems. This feature was especially useful for complicated piping systems that may be challenging to modify with other more general-use software.

Interoperability and Collaboration: Plant 3D also worked seamlessly with other industry-standard systems such as Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. This feature allowed for easy identification of errors and ensured consistency across the project.

”The ability to modify piping systems with ease was the most significant advantage of using Plant 3D for this project. It’s interoperability helps with reducing time and cost, considering the many stakeholders we work with.Law Eng KhoonBIM Manager, Gamuda Engineering

Plant 3D makes rerouting pipes and managing materials easier.

Overall, the use of Plant 3D has been highly advantageous. Our process designers can design better and faster, and our managers can federate models with less complications, contributing to a better level of productivity. 

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