QSHE Digital Transformation Through Autodesk Construction Cloud

From Cumbersome Paper Trails to Streamlined Digital Processes

Gamuda has made significant strides by moving from traditional QSHE data recording to the advanced browser-based Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). Before this initiative, data management involved cumbersome paper forms and prone-to-error manual entries, all in all, time consuming processes.

The Power of Unified Data and Enhanced Reporting

Ameerul explaining us the unlocked capabilities in this new shift towards digitalisation.

We used to deal with a lot of papers. This shift towards digital and integrated forms significantly reduces paper reliance, reduces redundancies, and streamlines operations, dramatically decreasing the time spent managing paperwork.

Muhammad Ameerul Bin Raffei
Senior Executive – Digital Innovation & Database (QSHE, Gamuda Land)

ACC adoption transformed these processes, digitising hundreds of paper forms into digital forms and smart PDFs readily accessible on desktop and mobile devices.

The system enhances workflows with an improved approval process, making it easy for hundreds contractors and consultants across projects to integrate it into their daily routines. The system ensures that forms and documents are always available, even offline, syncing later when the internet is restored.

Optimizing Project Outcomes through Insightful Dashboards

This digital overhaul has turned QSHE data into a potent strategic tool. The resulting data collected is unified, with enhanced reporting through Power BI integration, enabling effective project monitoring. These insights help management make informed decisions, optimize project outcomes and track the various processes that occur throughout the project, from product resourcing and vehicle accidents to fault detection and architectural works.

An example of how dashboards are used in Gamuda Land’s QSHE operations (illustration)

Dashboards merge data from worksites to provide teams with various insights such as Quality Control, Inspection, Occupancy Rates, Defect Elements, and even response times to defect reports, equipping teams with essential information to coordinate and improve operations systematically.

An Overall Win for Digital Transformation

Nik Zamri explains the many advantages of moving towards a more digital-first policies and workflows.

“Using an integrated system to manage our digital forms will greatly enhance productivity, easing navigation for consultants, subcontractors, and internal audits.”

Nik Mohd Zamri Bin Nik Abd Aziz
Manager – Digital Innovation & Database (QSHE, Gamuda Land)

This system has streamlined workflows in projects like Gamuda Land’s twentyfive7 in Kota Kemuning, Gamuda Cove in Kuala Langat, and HighPark Suites in Petaling Jaya, reducing delays associated with manual form management. 

This initiative marks another advancement in Gamuda’s comprehensive roadmap to incorporate advanced technologies into all aspects of construction management, propelling Gamuda forward on its path of digital innovation in construction.

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