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Our Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM) and its software companion, Tunnel Insight, generate a lot of data that needs to be managed. We use Google Cloud Run to connect our sensors, data warehouse, and dashboards through API. Tunnel Insight, which is cloud-based and browser-based, ingests, stores, visualizes and transforms data for our A-TBMs. 

Fast Facts: Tunnel Insight

  • Over 10 APIs running for Tunnel Insight via Cloud Run 
  • Tunnel Insight has been deployed for rail projects in Malaysia and will be deployed in Australia 
  • New Version of Tunnel Insight includes an updated interface update and robust cloud integration

Tunnel Insight API & Cloud Run Integration

Tunneling requires intense effort both in software and hardware.

Cloud Run helps us manage our APIs for Tunnel Insight, which handles a large amount of data including steering, thrust force, and cutterhead RPMs. The built-in API Management function in Cloud Run makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy our APIs quickly.

We prioritize security between our programs and APIs by using authentication, authorization, and encryption provided by API management in Google Cloud Run. We control access via API keys to ensure only authorized personnel have access.

With Cloud Run, we can scale our APIs automatically based on incoming traffic, which is crucial as we add more ATBMs under deployment and more features to our software. Resources will be automatically allocated and scaled without us having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

The alternative to Cloud Run is to have the server on premise, and that requires a lot of work: we must consider who will be using the system, how often, and how many concurrently. If we under-assign resources, we will have a lot of downtime which will affect productivity – not to mention increased costs.

Leong Wei YiSoftware Development Engineer

Beyond Tunnel Insight 

Tunnel Insight helps tunnel engineers an other personnel with their pain points in operation. Google Cloud Run works in tandem where it improves API management for project efficiency and client satisfaction.

We’re pleased to use Cloud Run in our critical projects and embrace cloud computing solutions.

Leong Wei Yi

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