Electrifying the Future: A Techtalks Session with Ampd Energy

Ampd Energy, a finalist in the 2022 Earthshot Prize, is leading the way in clean technology by addressing the construction industry’s significant contribution to global pollution, a staggering 39%.

For July 2023, In our Techtalks by GET series we have invited Jacob Seet, head of South East Asia and Japan for Ampd Energy, highlighted their innovative battery systems designed to reduce noise and pollution in construction sites.

Techtalks by GET (July 2023)

In the latest installment of our Techtalks by GET series this July, we were honored to host Jacob Seet, Head of South East Asia and Japan for Ampd Energy. Seet provided an engaging overview of the company’s revolutionary battery systems, designed explicitly to mitigate noise and pollution in construction sites.
The Problem: Noise and Pollution at Construction Sites

Construction sites are responsible for approximately 39% of the world’s pollution. Traditional power sources like diesel generators not only disrupt daily life but also pose long-term environmental challenges with their noise and pollution.

Ampd Energy’s Solution: Cutting-Edge Batteries

Ampd Energy is at the forefront of innovation with batteries integrated with tailored AI and IoT components. These advanced systems significantly reduce the noise and pollution emanating from construction sites, even having the capacity to power heavy machinery like tower cranes. A finalist in the prestigious 2022 Earthshot Prize, Ampd Energy’s technology sets a new benchmark for sustainable practices within the construction sector. Its contribution extends further by offering unparalleled insights into carbon emissions, unlike conventional diesel generators.

Ampd Energy’s Enertainer is replete with state-of-the-art safety features, drastically reducing risks on construction sites. From flood and heat sensors to a sophisticated fire suppression system, the Enertainer ensures safe operation. Additional measures such as an anti-explosive shell fortify security, reflecting Ampd’s commitment to safety.

Panel Session with Gamuda: Shaping a Renewable Future

Our insightful panel session, featuring Mr. Puganesan Thiruselvan, Head of Operations, Renewable Energy for Gamuda, delved into the practicalities of adopting sustainable practices. Together, we explored the manifold benefits, cost management strategies, and Gamuda’s road map in terms of renewable energy.

We have learnt a lot in the session, especially when it comes to electrification and the very real problem of pollution from uncontrolled emissions. We hope to see headway into emission free solutions not just for the construction sites but for the betterment of the world we live in.

Special Thanks
Jacob Seet, Puganesan Thiruselvam

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