The Latest In Artificial Intelligence feat. Google

In conjunction with AI Month 2023 organised by GET we have invited our friends from Google to share with us the latest in artificial intelligence. Some 150 Gamudians from various departments of various countries had the privilege to be one of the first to be updated about Google’s latest tools and solutions leveraging on AI technology.

”Today we are using neural networks to solve a lot of problems and AI is very close to accurate. Nowadays, some AI algorithms even hit 95% or 96% of accuracy … We don’t want AI to be a black box, we want to focus on explainable AI.

Low Wei Chung
Google Malaysia

We started with exploring Google’s umbrella AI approach, namely their principles and security. Among many other tools, we delved into Duet AI, an innovative blend of AI and human interaction, captivated participants with its potential for seamless collaboration and improved productivity.

A particular showcase that piqued our interest is Google’s Vertex AI – an impressively versatile unified development and deployment platform for data science and machine learning. Within that, we were treated to a discussion of how machine learning can help with ‘dialect mapping’ Malaysian phrases which could help in forging more meaningful connections with customers.

During the Q&A session, we were able to further demystify the practicality of AI in the modern workplace. We also managed to seek clarification on some projects the GET team were working on relating to the Google’s language models.

“Very informative and insightful”

Participant feedback

Overall, the webinar was illuminating, providing Gamudians with a deeper understanding of the exciting world of AI. It is hoped participants are able to explore the possibilities and potential of AI to innovate. With this Techtalks, Gamuda as a group is a step forward in better equipped to embrace AI-driven transformations and contribute to shaping a future that embraces the power of AI.

Special thanks
Low Wei Chung (Google), Sachdave Singh (Gamuda), Lee Kai Wen (Gamuda)

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