Digging Deeper with Data: Gamuda’s Cloud-CDE Strategy for Intelligent Tunnel Operations

Gamuda has innovated tunnel maintenance by replacing manual data recording with a digital system, significantly enhancing efficiency in monitoring equipment wear, especially cutter discs. This shift not only streamlines maintenance but also improves the accuracy of cost estimates in tendering processes.

The construction industry, often perceived as slow in adopting digital innovations, faces significant challenges in data management, particularly in maintaining extensive records like the wear and tear of equipment.

The traditional methods, largely manual and paper-based, are prone to errors and inefficiencies. This gap in digital adaptation has long been a bottleneck in optimizing construction processes.

Gamuda’s Pioneering Approach with Cloud and CDE

The Autonomous Tunnel Boring Machine (A-TBM) known as Betty, in her first deployment in Australia, benefits from the integration between Tunnel Insight and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Within Tunnel Insight, we have created a custom reporting form that directly syncs with ACC which can be accessed by tunnel engineers on-site and monitored by supervisors and analysts no matter where they are operating from.

The data collected would also produce a heatmap that helps identify trends for the wear and tear of the sensitive tunneling apparatus. The list of robust functionalities also include the ability to generate Intervention Report Logs and Inspection Lists.

A sneak peek into the interface of Tunnel Insight in which the technology is deployed.

A Data-Driven Future, Accelerated

”This integration is not just about making monitoring easier. It also plays a crucial role in the tendering process. By accurately estimating the longevity of cutter discs through data collected via ACC, we can formulate more precise and competitive bids for future projects.

Liew Kit Shen
Head of Tunnel Research & Development, GET

The adoption of ACC in tandem with Tunnel Insight brings multiple advantages:

Enhanced Data Accuracy and Accessibility: Digital data entry and storage reduce errors and provide easy access to historical data for analysis.

Proactive Maintenance Planning: Real-time monitoring allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime and extending the lifespan of critical equipment.

Cost Efficiency in Operations: With better data on equipment wear, we can optimize resource allocation and maintenance budgets.

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