Gamuda’s Innovative Cloud-Based Collaborative Approach to Construction Cost Management

The Need for a Novel Approach to Cost Management

Effective cost management is crucial for construction projects, yet it’s a process riddled with challenges and potential leakages if not properly monitored and managed. With intricate supply chains, hundreds of subcontractors dispersed across multiple regions, and a myriad of variables impacting expenses, maintaining comprehensive visibility and control over project financials is a daunting task.

Gamuda’s contracts and commercial digitalization team recognized this complexity and embarked on a transformative journey by implementing Autodesk’s Construction Cloud (ACC) Cost Management solution across their projects.

This powerful platform provides unprecedented transparency into every aspect of project costs – from initial budgeting and contracts, to tracking subcontractor payments, expenses, quantities, and change orders.

Integrating ACC Cost Management into our workflows enables tighter control over the entire project lifecycle. Our team gains insights to make informed decisions, mitigate risks effectively, and enhance efficiency in project delivery.

Nur Millatina Binti Ridzuan
Digital Engineer, Gamuda Excellence Transformation

A Method Tried and Tested

A 3D rendering of the Rasau Water Treatment Plant.

Gamuda’s pilot for ACC Cost Management implementation is the Rasau Water Treatment Plant (Stage 1) Project in Selangor. This project served as a test case to construct a robust data pipeline, feed data into our data warehouse, and translate it into real-time visualizations on a dashboard.

Key challenges faced during this implementation were tackled through innovative, technical solutions developed collaboratively with Autodesk, examples are:

  • Verification vs revision handling was streamlined by introducing a dedicated verification column and enhancing process flows within the platform itself.
  • Custom workflows were developed based on contract conditions, and the Autodesk Platform Services API was integrated to enable automated email notifications.
  • Gaps between bill of quantities formats and ACC templates were bridged using Python scripts for translation, while Node.js and the ACC API extended payment certificate functionalities.

To better understand our approach, watch this video.

Through this collaboration, our team has not only successfully implemented ACC Cost Management but has also contributed to enhancing the platform’s capabilities, benefiting the broader construction industry. We have managed to implement this in our various projects across the region in several countries including Singapore and Australia.

The Future is Bright for Robust Cost Management Across Borders

As we continue our digital transformation journey, we remain committed to fostering innovation, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and exploring opportunities for further integration and process optimization.

Our future focus areas include optimizing processes, sustainability, and integration with other systems (e.g., ERP, third-party tools), machine learning, user experience improvements, forecasting, and analytics.

Kyle Ewe
C&C Digital Lead, Gamuda Excellence Transformation

The lessons learned and innovative solutions developed have been instrumental in streamlining subsequent project implementations, greatly reducing deployment timelines. Our ultimate goal is to deliver projects with unparalleled efficiency, quality, and sustainability, solidifying Gamuda’s position as a leader in the construction industry.

Learn more about how we integrated artificial intelligence in our contracts and commercials processes here.

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